Teddy’s Bigger Burgers @ Greenbelt 3

My date originally wanted to go to Zarks in Venice Piazza, Mckinley since he also wanted to see the latest attraction that is the Grand Canal mall. However it was already around 6pm and dark, and I told him that the place isn’t fully constructed and it’s not commendable to see at night since I had been there with some girlfriends recently. And so, he said he knows a burger place in Greenbelt 3 that we can try – which resulted to Teddy’s Bigger Burgers.

Being the introverts that we are, we hated having to call waiters to order, and would even argue playfully who will call a waiter and say the orders. Lol. Introv things. Luckily for us, the guy who assisted us was very friendly and approachable. He handed us the menus which we had already seen the contents since they have this podium with the menu at the entrance and we had looked at it before entering. So, it was just a matter of finalizing the orders and i settled with their Original Teddy’s Burger :


And he went with a Cheeseburger something (Sorry I forgot to take a pic) And this, with what they call a consolation prize, being named at the menu – “First Fries” (get it?)


Plus there was an option to get fries and drinks to go with the orders that we have for about 120+php for regular drinks and 190+php for milkshake(flavor of your choice) and fries. We went for the milkshakes, mine is vanilla, his is chocolate :


Perhaps it’s because I’m more of a softdrinks kind of person that I did not appreciate the milkshake that much but it was very good, in boyfies opinion. The burgers, I must say are very tasty and even better than Zarks’ -their burger patties will taste very bland when compared to Teddy’s. Customer service is superb, thumbs up to that waiter who served us and made sure we have everything we need before attending others.

Will definitely go back. 8/10.
Here’s a picture of us 😛



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