Love desserts @ Banawe, QC

Just this saturday, boyfie and I decided to try out Love desserts – an eat all you can desserts food hub in Banawe St, QC. Actually this has already been suggested last year by his mom and we had wanted to try it out then but never found the time due to conflicting scheds. Anyway, our interest with it was sparked again when we had seen it on the way home one time so ta-da! off we went right the next weekend.

We arrived on there at about 7pm and boy, was it crowded. Their parking space outside could not be occupied since it was being used as a waiting area, so if in case that you have a vehicle(or any type of transpo) you can park at the nearby Z Square mall just a few meters away from Love Desserts.

We waited about an hour or so before our name was called from the waitlist, and from the time that they have called your name – your 2 hour buffet of desserts starts.

And man, they do not disappoint. The wait was worth it – Cakes(different flavors), mousse, breads, cookies, pies, tarts, ice creams, toppings, unlimited drinks, shakes, macaroons, and many more. It was a desserts paradise.

(Disclaimer about first 3 photos : not mine. Taken from blogger @artofbeingamom since I was not able to get good shots like these of the buffet table. Credits, madam.)






I went for chocolate cakes, tarts and macaroons(which I loved. So much) While boyfie had enjoyed the bubble gum flavored ice cream which he said makes him feel nostalgic. Lol – I had tasted it myself and it tastes so much like Bazooka Bubble Gum. (Yes, 90s!)

It was not so much of a big place, so the inside was kind of cramped. There wasn’t so much place to walk on and get food, as servers also gets most of space on the line to make sure all of the desserts on the buffet table are well stocked. Ambiance was fine, good decors, easy on the eye.

It was also a good deal for only P199 per person, 2 hours of buffet, and they are open from 11 am to 11pm.

Good one, 8/10 – and we will absolutely go back. Or maybe try their fairview branch next time. 🙂

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