Burger Project @ Maginhawa, Q.C


This is one of my favorite burger haven – the one located in the Maginhawa Street food lane in Q.C. You know, in case your appetite will not be satisfied by the foods in Burger Project, you can easily find any other food hub to go to, but I think which is very unlikely in my opinion. Why? Whenever I crave for burgers, Burger Project is the first thing that I would think of. They know their business, they serve mean burgers – tasty, with fresh ingredients, and overall yummy. Same goes with their french fries and onion rings. And their milkshakes too! And the servings are kind of heavy, (or big) and it can make you feel full with your first few bites. It’s also a big plus that it’s near to us and we can either get there by walking or by tricycle only.

The store may not be that easy to spot because it’s aligned along with the other food hubs on the side of the street, and they all have tables and chairs set up outside, but it should be easy to spot once you see the BDO bank, it will just be a few steps across it.

Let’s get started with the menu! So burgers : they have a variety of burgers to choose from – you can create your own, and name it whatever you’d like. There was a group there with us earlier and they had fun creating their own burger and naming them and laughing while all of it was being called to be claimed. There was “Krabby Patty”, “Pia Wurtzbach”, “Should be worth it”, etc. Basically you can let your imagination run free in naming your own creation, it’s yours and paid for afterall. And so, aside from creating and naming your own burger, there’s also the Burger of the Month choice, and no worries, the inclusions/ingredients is listed on their board so you can check it out and decide if you like it or not. And lastly, you can choose from their so called “Designer Burgers”, and it already has a name and description of the ingredients as well, and pricing. Pricing range of Designer Burgers are from 180+ to 400+, I think. There’s also the fries section, which has a few selection of plain to flavored ones. The add-ons section, which you can order for an additional this and that for your burger(like extra bun, tomato, patty and so on) and onion rings or mozarella sticks. The drinks section for juices and softdrinks. And section for the milkshakes itself.

In this post and in pictures below, we had the
*Burger of the Month : “I Mozarellove BRGR”(P315)
*Designer Burger : “Sloppiest Joe”(P240)
*Onion Rings
*Strawberry Milkshake
*Oreo Cookies and Cream Milkshake
(Forgot price for the others, but we had a total of P1,005.00 for all.)

See for yourself!






They are open 7 days a week, though operation hours vary. Will post an update next time. 🙂

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