Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina, Pasig

Craving for Fil-Mex foods? Satisfy your cravings, go and head to Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina in either Kapitolyo Pasig or UP Town Center in QC! Silantro offers varities of food from nachos, quesadillas, skewers to cocktails, juices, drinks and so on.

Here is a picture of their menu for reference on variety and pricing :


For appetizer we always order their Beef Nachos, it’s a must try and I believe it’s also their best seller! It’s a whole plate of mouthful and the tastiest nachos I’ve ever tasted. You will be sure that it will always be present on our orders whenever we visit this place. Other recommendations for appetizer will be their Calliente wings, Quesadillas and Dinamita which are also very tasty and for very affordable prices too!

Nachos :


Main Course
Ah, the most important part of the meal! My choices for this would be either Shrimp or Beef Skewers, or Grilled Porkchop. Those are the only ones I have tried so far and they are all amazing and mouth watering, and the serving will be enough to make you full, and that’s saying something for me as it takes a lot of food to make me full. Those meals are served with rice by the way. I have also tried the burger which is served with fries and for me it’s okay, not something that you would recommend though.
I mostly stick to juices, shake, tea or water since the group I am always with when visiting Silantro are non-alcoholic drinkers. It’s not that I am a drunkard but I do drink occasionally haha. My favorite would be their mango shake as I like mangoes a bit too much, lol. The place in Pasig would be a nice place to drink cocktails or beer too as they have like a terrace sort of feel with the tables outside.


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So for food enthusiasts like me, don’t miss out Silantro and I’m sure you’d very much like the place and the reasonably priced foods! Plus it’s very much accessible and easy to find since the branch on the Pasig are in Kapitolyo Pasig that are lined with other food hubs on the streets. Happy eating! 🙂


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