Food by the Court, Buendia

Can’t get enough of food parks? You have to check this one out! The place is called Food by the Court along Buendia and boy, you won’t be disappointed in both the place and foods – both are definitely instagram worthy too!

The place is very much secured with guards on entrances and exits and there are bouncers inside as well since alcoholic beverages and cocktails are available to buy on the stalls inside. Plus it’s also well lit which means you’ll get good angles and lightings for your pictures! Sounds good, eh?

Aside from the tables and seats below, there’s also a sort of upper deck which is perfect to get a good view of the place and of course, music is also ever present which could be heard all over the place. Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture of the deck, but maybe next time.

So, foods! Man, I spent some time making up my mind what to buy because you just have lots of choices and for a foodie like me, I wanted to buy and try them all that I had a hard time choosing what to get. We had to circle the place twice or thrice before finally settling on rice meals as seen on pictures and ordered a bucket of Tanduay ice and nachos after eating and drank the night away.


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Food by the Court is open daily from 5 PM to 12Midnight! Invite your friends to try out the foods or just chill in the place and im sure you’ll keep coming back for more!


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