Bengal Brew Wolf & Bear Café, Cubao

A 2 in 1 café, this place is heaven for dog & cat lovers! What’s even better is that this place is just in Cubao. Yes, Cubao! The furbabies were so adorbs and sweet and fluffy we wanted to stay longer than we would have, if only it wasnt a workday when we visited. But well, we can always go back 😉

💸Rates :

▪ P199 – 1 drink + 1 hr stay inside Bengal Brew Café (Cats only)

▪ P299 – 1 drink + 1 hr stay inside Bengal Brew Café and Wolf & Bear Café (Cats & Dogs)

▪ P399 – 1 drink + 1 food + 2 hrs stay inside Bengal Brew Café and Wolf & Bear Café (Dogs & cats)

Here are some of the cats :

And here are the dogs :


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🏢Location : G/F Manhattan Parkview, Gen. Malvar Ave., Araneta Center QC

⌚Operation hours : 11 AM – 11 PM

ℹ No reservation needed

ℹ Socks required! If you dont have a pair, the café sells them for P50.

Enjoy the fluff heaven! ☺


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